Check it out!  I’m on Patreon!

I am so excited to finally be able to share this with you!  This has been in the works for way too long (mostly because my crippling social anxiety is an asshole who doesn’t like me to do stuff like this) but the time has finally come!

With this announcement comes the release of a special Eldee Studios character!  Maynard has joined the family as a Patreon exclusive!  Each month a mini kit and full kit featuring this cute little guy will be released to the Gracie Yeetmore,  DaPubes, and Sheamus level patrons.  

Gracie Yeetmore?   .....Pubes...?

Get it out of the gutter, people!  I’ve named my patron tiers after my ferrets!  Noxeema Jackson, Gracie Yeetmore, DaPubes, Willie, and Sheamus!  I added the “Da” in front of “Pubes” so I wouldn’t get flagged for NSFW.

So take a peek at the page and join in the fun!!  Click here for more info!