How to Make Foil Washi in Photoshop

Foil washi adds amazing visual interest to a paper planner.  But it can also be just as visually striking in a digital environment!  Here's a step by step guide on making foil washi strips in Photoshop:

1) Create a new document.  Size will be dependent on your personal needs (thats what she said) b ut I tend to make mine about 1 inch x 5 inches with a dpi of 200

2) Select a foreground and a background color.  You want them to be complementary but they also need to have enough contrast to make a striking foil effect.

3) Go to your FILTER menu, select RENDER and then CLOUDS.

4) Go back to FILTER -> NOISE -> ADD NOISE.  You can play with the settings here.  I keep mine at around 5% with the UNIFORM option selected.

5) Go to FILTER -> FILTER GALLERY -> DISTORT -> GLASS.  I keep my distortion at around 20 and keep my smoothness around the low end.  Texture is "Frosted".  Hit OK

Note: if Filter Galley is greyed out on your screen it is because your channel is set too high.  You can correct this by going to IMAGE -> MODE and selecting 8 BIT CHANNEL.  

And that's it!  You can add a curves adjustment and play with more contrast and highlights to really perfect the look you are going for.  I hope this was helpful!!