Why Digital Planning?

Why Digital Planning?

I'm one of those people who likes to clean.  I like to vacuum.  I like to move furniture around in new ways in my living room and bedroom.  The feeling of a freshly cleaned room is invigorating and the process of making it feel that way is a form of meditation and therapy for me.

It's the same feeling I get when I work on my planner.  Making something new and fresh from a pile  (or file, as it were) of stickers and a blank canvas sparks something in me and awakens my warm and fuzzies.

So most of you guys know that I came from a pretty extensive paper planner background.  I still have boxes of washi, stickers, and pens.  Oh, the pens.  I have a few Erin Condrens and a Happy Planner or two on my bookshelf.  Leafing through the pages is like checking out a time capsule!

But let's be honest - all this stuff takes up a lot of room.  And in the era of the Marie Kondo and the minimalism space is at a premium.  Plus I don't like the idea that something could potentially happen to them (natural disaster, kid gets a wild hair to draw and doodles all over them, etc) and they would be lost.

My digital planners (yes, more than one - I'm in my second year now!) are backed up to my cloud storage on the regular.  If something happens to my tablet I know my planners are safe.  My well-being not so much - I love my tablet.  But my planners will live on if such an event should happen.

And let's not forget my absolute favorite thing about digital planning - THE VERSATILITY.  You guys....you guys...

You aren't limited to what the big name manufacturers think you should like best.

Did you get that?  You can design a planner any way you want and use it however you want to.  You don't have to white-out lines every week because they are in your way.  You don't have to cover up notes sections because they don't fit into you planning style.  

And six weeks later you decide you want to try something else?  Pfft, go for it!  If you saw my 2018 planner flip-through you know my first digital planner evolved into a Frankenplanner with three different layouts in seven months.  

So lets break it down:

  • Digital planners take up far less space
  • Digital supplies are reusable 
  • Less waste in paper, printer ink, etc
  • Cloud storage gives you a backup plan and keeps your planners safe
  • The versatility of digital planning is unmatched
  • Easy to share on social media
  • Can be shared across devices (tablet to phone, etc)
  • Portable - all of your supplies are with you so long as you have your device
So what do you guys think?  Are there any other digital planner "pro's" I should add to this list?