New Year, New Site

digital planner tips and tricks

Hello friends!  2018 saw my shift into digital planning and with it the launch of Leni Digitals.  As I have been a planner since 2010 it seemed like a pretty good bet that I wasn't going to stop anytime soon so beginning this venture doesn't make me nervous at all.  Um...okay well maybe a little.  Putting yourself and your creativity out there is always a scary thing but I create for my shop with the following mantra always in my head:

"Create things that YOU'D like to see.  That way if no one else likes it at least it won't go to waste."

But you guys have proven in these past seven months that there IS a community for digital planners and we are a pretty awesome bunch!

So what can you expect on this site?  Here's a pretty bullet list of upcoming content:

  • Monthly Freebies
  • Tips and tricks for digital planning
  • Plan with me videos
  • Planner challenge videos
  • Reviews and try-outs of digital planner products like tablet accessories, styluses (styli? stylus's?  That's a weird word), and smudge guards
  • DIY's 
  • Weekly and monthly spread inspiration 
  • Digital bullet journaling

So be sure to check back often and if you aren't already be sure to follow me on Instagram for more planner spreads and digital planner inspiration.  Here's to an amazing (and organized) 2019!!