Changing a Planner Cover In GoodNotes

One of my favorite parts about digital planning is the ability to not only customize your planner easily but also not having to commit to any one style permanently.  Changing the cover of your digital planner is easy enough that I tend to change mine with the seasons or to celebrate upcoming events or holidays.

So how do I load a cover in GoodNotes?

First be sure to unzip your cover file and upload it to the location of your choice. Popular spots are Google Drive, iCloud, or even your tablet’s camera roll.

1) Open your app and begin where all of your files/planners are located. Hit the settings icon (the cog) in the top right corner.  Select "Notebook Templates" from the popup menu.

2) Make sure you have the Cover side selected, not the paper style.  

3) Scroll to the bottom row and slide the row all the way to the end until you see the "Import" option.

Select the file location of your cover and you're good!


1) Open your planner and navigate to the first page.  If this page is a cover you want to replace then stay here.  If you are wanting to add a cover without replacing a page then pull the page toward the right to duplicate it.  Basically, adding a cover is done by replacing one page template with another so you need a blank page to replace.  

2) Select the 3 dot menu at the top right of your planner screen.

3) Select "Change Template"

4) Select your imported cover and you're done!  You may have to do some digging to find where GoodNotes put your cover.  In this case it put mine at the end of the "Simple" category.  

And there you have it!  Let's see your custom cover creations!  Tag me on Instagram @lenidigitals